European Horror Convention 2014

European Horror Convention 2014
European Horror Convention 2014

Für alle Horror-EnthusiastInnen gibt es in diesem Jahr ein 3-tägiges spektakuläres Gore- und Blood-Film-und Musik-Festival, die 1. European Horror Convention. "After looking for the perfect setting for our gruesome event, we found a strong ally in Latvia's already popular Fontaine Festival, taking place in and around the rock club Fontaine Palace, as well as the Fire Bar, Prison Bar and the Gypsy Camp outdoor stage near Liepaja's city canal and promenade. More than 30 international bands and DJs on five stages during three full nights, new and classic horror movie screenings, premieres, comic books, videogames, meetings with directors, writers and video game developers from around the world. And last but not least, the Ink-on-Wheels Tattoo Party, pocket size Horror Movies related Tattoo Convention featuring European ink & needle artists!"

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