Delete history
Delete history

Misgivings began as an idea in 2013, after a drunken chat at a squat show In Hamburg. Based in Portsmouth, UK, they combine a love of travelling, touring, drinking beers and bands such as Samian, Jawbreaker, Hüsker Du, Strung Out, Alkaline Trio & Title Fight. Misgivings are stamping their own style on the current Punk scene. Delete History was recorded D.I.Y style with a portable mixing desk, speakers and any available space by close friend Jon Moone. You could regard the EP as more of a mini album as the 6 tracks clock in at just over 20 minutes. The lyrical content of the record is a scathing review of today's mundane society, being forced into adulthood, complex relationships and struggling with day to day social situations. All laced with an over analysing irony. The 6 track, debut EP is to be self released on 03/11/14 through all usual online retailers.

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