Sassa Bodensjö - (I'm a) Runaway

I'm a Runaway
I'm a Runaway

Sassa Bodensjö makes Putin’s Russia smile by going public with her provocative music video for the recently released single ”(I’m A) Runaway”.
The video is dedicated to everyone in the world who ever felt that they are not okay the way they are, encouraging people to be themselves no matter what.
Sassa also sends a personal message to the Russian president:
“Vladimir, go fuck yourself and get happy”.
"Runaway" is the opening single of Sassa upcoming full length album.
There is nothing ’mainstream’ about Sassa or her music. Every song and every lyric is carefully chosen because they mean something special and enables the listener to create their own personal realtionship with them.

Parallell, Sassa became lead singer and front figure in another band called Hard Rock Hounds. A great, adult, coverband playing only hard rock hits from the greatest artists. When they performed it was always full speed, sweaty, smoking hot and wonderful!

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