Topshelf Records Label-Sampler for free

Topshelf Records hat einen digitalen Labelsampler zusammengestellt. Diesen kannst du für lau erwerben oder unterstützt mit einem Betrag deiner Wahl die "Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals", wo alle Einnahmen direkt einfließen.


Das Bostoner Label sagt dazu: "We know, we know — it’s 2015 now. Like anything we do, though, we took our sweet time to finish this. So here it is: our annual digital sampler, a half year late! If you’ve downloaded any of our previous samplers, you might notice this year’s has a lot of tracks — we thought this was an incredible year for music and wanted to showcase the new, new-to-us or just downright exciting people making music that we’ve enjoyed this year (there are so many more artists we could and should include on this download but we had to exercise some restraint). Curating and putting this together is super rewarding — so we just wanted to thank everyone who has contributed a song!"

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