Robots and Monsters - Down to Ash (Video)

Robots and Monsters - Down to Ash
Robots and Monsters - Down to Ash

The title track “Down to Ash,” a hardcore-flavored song about reconciling a painful past with the present, is anchored by an anthemic chorus that begs for inspired sing-alongs. “Gravel Pusher,” a speedy romp from start to finish, contradicts its lyrics about the frustration of moving slow or not at all.

 Clocking in at under two minutes, “Spiraling” is a straight-up, fury-filled hardcore tune about the never-ending attempts at turning one’s life around. It was the first song written for the album. And it’s the perfect lead-in to the moody “All of This,” which asks, “Is there any sense in pushing on?” and basks in the concept of just giving up on everything. “I Had it Coming,” a chunky slab with stop-and-go riffs and single-note goodness, invokes those frustrating moments when you can’t get someone to see your point of view. “Say ‘Hi’ to God for Me” is a commentary on absolute reliance on organized religion. “Rebel” could be about a young man named Luke. Or it could be about you. Are you a rebel? And finally, the sludgy. slightly insane “Blue Eyes Black” offers listeners a nice little apocalyptic sendoff.

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