Why Everyone Left - Pack Your Sh*t

Why Everyone Left
Why Everyone Left

Why Everyone Left have released their new single, Pack Your Sh*t, the first single from their new album, which is scheduled for release later in 2015.

Pack Your Sh*t, perfectly reflects the sound of the band, mixing catchy choruses with heavy riffs, and introducing the use of more hardcore and pop.

The song is about being sick of people who can't stop making fake promises, and those people who disappoint you, with their lies which will put you in bad situations. The concept of the video is told through a funning and lively angle, having a 80's video game theme, seeing the ghosts of pac-man chasing the band, which are being controlled by a kid playing the game.

Pack Your Sh*t
Pack Your Sh*t

Why Everyone Left is a five-piece pop-punk band based in Modena, Italy, formed in 2013. The band mixes the catchy melodies and the melodic sound of pop-punk with a hardcore/metalcore background. The band officially formed in november of 2013, with the aim to get known by many people as possible with their music.
They're coming back with a brand new single. "Pack Your Sh*t" wich will anticipate the new EP, coming the next fall.

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