BOUND & BURIED - ‘Refugee’

BOUND & BURIED - ‘Refugee’
BOUND & BURIED - ‘Refugee’

Brooklyn punk rock 'n roll band Bound & Buried have released a cover of the Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers classic, "Refugee," to help raise money and awareness for the International Rescue Committee. The band had this to say:

“We believe music to be a powerful thing. It transcends all barriers and divides. It is a productive means for expressing solidarity. With the recent acts of hate and bigotry, we feel the need to respond and have chosen to do so with a positive message. This song serves as a way to voice our position in support of the America we believe in – an America where its people live together in a society of acceptance, not fear.
This recording is dedicated to all refugees who have been displaced, mistreated or miscast into the world without a home to call their own. It's time we remember where we come from and that most of us wouldn't be here if it weren't for the doors that openly welcomed our own ancestors.”

All proceeds from this song will be going to the International Rescue Committee in efforts to help Syrian and other refugees throughout the world. The band encourages you to contact your local congressperson and urge them to keep an open mind, and an open door to our foreign friends. Please visit to donate and learn more.


B&B are no strangers to rock ‘n roll. Their sound is built on Punk, Surf and Hardcore. Featuring members of Boy Sets Fire, Lugosi, Resistors and Get Involved, their roots are taken to a more ruthless and dynamic level. The band's music delivers a sense of attitude, urgency and realism that has become a much needed wake up call and one needing to be heard.

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