SLABDRAGGER: new album "Rise Of The Dawncrusher"

As much as "space odyssey" could be an accurate term to describe London doom/sludge unit SLABDRAGGER's forthcoming second album "Rise Of The Dawncrusher" on Holy Roar Records, you'd better be warned that a huge sledgehammer is about to hit your rib cage at the speed of light. There will be damages. But before anything else, there will be fun.

Three years in the making and almost five years on from their debut album Regress, SLABDRAGGER are finally back with Rise of the Dawncrusher. Between drummer changes, recording difficulties, collapsed lungs and other personal problems, this is a record that has (slowly) come kicking and screaming into existence.

Has it been worth the wait? Well – when have SLABDRAGGER ever let you down, thus far? Containing four sprawling, epic tracks of ever-innovative, cosmic  doom/stoner/sludge, as well as the urgent, frantic 4-minute “Evacuate!” - this record clocks in at over an hour and truly feels like the journey it portrays. Rise of the Dawncrusher is a sci-fi adventure set in the distant future and you should expect more than a few elaborate twists and turns that will leave Regress behind with space debris in its wake.

Recorded and mixed at The Cro's Nest Studio by their very own six string strangler and gravelly growler Sam Thredder, mastered by the total dude that is Steve Austin of Today Is The Day, the album isre wrapped in some incredibly epic cover art by comic artist and writer Jimmy Pearson. This combination makes for a total immersive experience in fantastical heaviosity.

SLABDRAGGER "Rise Of The Dawncrusher"
Out on February 26th via Holy Roar Records

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