As Daylight Fades Explore ‘The Great Divide’

As Daylight Fades
As Daylight Fades

"The Great Divide is about the separation and distance we feel when you're at your lowest and alone without help. The song was written as a way of venting a lot of emotions whilst I was suffering with depression,” explains Matty Clarke, vocalist of metalcore miserablists, As Daylight Fades.

The video which features footage from their recent European tour can be seen here, with Clarke going on to explain the track is also about “the idea of conforming to people's ideology of having to dress or look a certain way to have to fit in with a crowd. Fuck all that, you are you because you are your own person don't let anyone change who you are.”


The single appears on their forthcoming EP, released 27/05/16. The E.P in question, the bluntly titled Love // Loss, is as bleak a musical proposition as such a thematic suggests. Boasting four tracks audibly soaked through with frustration, thundering riffs and breakdowns provide a furious backdrop for Clarke’s desperate vocal tirades: “The lyrics cover the idea of facing the world alone, and the challenges you’ll face whilst doing so,” relays the singer, who recalls writing sessions that would sometimes stretch out over 48 hours without any rest; “It was easier to keep going whilst we were in the zone instead of stopping and picking things up another time. It’s not ideal at all, but it helped us write the EP, and a nice 15-hour sleep after writing a song was always good. We put everything into the writing process for this release, so it’ll be a proud moment for us when we finally get it out there.”

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