Trash'N'Clean - Razorblade


Trash’N’Clean is a rising Italian punk-rock band composed of Fabio (vocals), Danny (lead guitar), Mark (rhythm guitar), Marchino (bass - backing vocals) and Mario (drums).
The band have released their music video for single ‘Thousand Daggers’ and just premiered their new music video for single ‘Razorblade’ through the Canadian magazine PURE GRAIN AUDIO.
Both singles are taken from their latest 3-tracks EP ‘Wetness Delivery’, which were released on June 16 th 2016 through all digital stores.

It was spring 2014, Milan, Italy. Mark and
Danny started randomly recording guitar riffs in their bedrooms. They didn’t know that this was the start of Trash'N'Clean: punk rock attitude, catchy songwriting, and a good balance between idiocy and deep lyrics. Following up such an intense time, a new flow of creativity hit the band, leading to the recording of their newest EP «Wetness
Delivery» at Golden Factory Studio,  and was released on the 16th of June 2016 through all digital stores.
The long-term friends with a common love for music pulled together a full band with Fabio at the vocals, Marchino at the bass and Mario at the drums. This marked the beginning of the busiest time for the guys as a band - 2016 was in fact the time when Trash’N’Clean started being an opening band for the events of NoReason Booking.

Ready to start kicking ass, they wrote 5 full
tracks within a month, resulting in their first EP «Mind the Couch».
In cooperation with Bagnoli Bros Studio, the EP was released in December 2014, followed by a series of shows to promote it.
A few months later « Mind the Couch » was
largely appreciated by the audience of the
Emergenza Festival, allowing the band to go
through the selections and play on some of the best stages of Milan; from the Legend Club to the Tunnel, and eventually at Alcatraz, where they won the second prize at the national final.
Fabio, Danny, Mark, Marchino and Mario are currently working on writing new music and
plan on releasing a new single in September!

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