All For Nothing - Neues Album

All For Nothing
All For Nothing

The guys and girl of ALL FOR NOTHING will release their fifth album 'Minds Awake / Hearts Alive' on April 7, 2017 on Redfield Records. The album was produced by MADBALL's Brian "Mitts" Daniels, the first video for 'At First Sight' is available now on YouTube.

Rotterdam based hardcore band ALL FOR NOTHING is well known for passionate and energetic shows. Singer Cindy van der Heijdenshares views and vents frustrations on personal and global issues in their to-the-point songs filled with fast riffage, melody, groove and breakdowns that get every crowd dancing. ‘Minds Awake / Hearts Alive’ matches this approach more than any previous ALL FOR NOTHING album. “The sound is more aggressive and dynamic in comparison to our previous releases. The songs are catchier, heavier and have more groove than ever before”, bassist Joost Van Laake explains.

'Minds Awake / Hearts Alive'
'Minds Awake / Hearts Alive'

With the release of ‘Minds Awake / Hearts Alive’ the guys and girl are ready to get back out there and do what they love most: playing shows around the globe. As they state in one of their new songs – ‘The best is yet to come!’ Ciny: “All of our combined efforts really took this album to a new level. You can hear our focus was on the quality of the songs and not on arguing over silly things like who should be loudest in the mix. No room for big egos here.”


08.03. NL- Rotterdam, Baroeg (w/ MADBALL)
17.03. FR- Dommarien La Niche
18.03. FR- Lievin, Lievin Metal Fest
24.03. DE- Göttingen, Eins B
25.03. DE- Lichtenstein, JUZ Riot
13.04. FR- Nantes, Scene Michelet
14.04. FR- Besançon, La Rodia
15.04. FR- Angouleme, Le Mars
16.04. DE- Oberndorf am Neckar, Easter Cross Festival
21.04. DE- Cham, LA
22.04. CH- Rorschach
28.04. DE- Wegeleben, JUZ
29.04. DE- Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
11.05. FR- Paris, Gibus
12.05. FR- Montaigu, Les Rhinos Feroces Fest
13.05. FR- Lyon, Lions Metal Festival
26.05. DE- Nürnberg, Desi
27.05. DE- Kleve, Radhaus
08.06. DE- Prölsdorf, Krach am Bach Festival