Yorkshire Rats - Alone Together


Formed in Pontefract in 2004 the Yorkshire Rats is the brainchild of former Billy No Mates & Abbrasive Wheels' musician Don Mercy. With several UK & European tours under their belts as well as shows with the likes of CJ Ramone & Rancid the band has quickly built up an army of dedicated fans attracted to their fine blend of So Cal punk and 80s UK influences.

Yorkshire Rats - Alone together
Yorkshire Rats - Alone together

Don Mercy comments "Alone together": "The track is all about the strains of relationships whether that be romantic or political. I guess it’s quite apt with the current political climate and with people seemingly so polarised and at each other’s throats. Musically, I like to think this track shows the faster and more aggressive side of Yorkshire Rats."

Inspired by the roots-driven punk of American groups like Social Distortion & Lucero as well as faster artists from the old-school like Stiff Little Fingers & The Ramones, Yorkshire Rats have finely tuned their musical output and developed a unique. Mercy's own brand of songwriting is never shy of grit & gravel, however as is clear on their latest EP they're never too far from a good melody either.

Following on from their full-length album 'Sea of Souls' released through Indeliriumin records in 2015.  Their latest offering was recorded by Sam and Joe Graves (Asking Alexandria/Bullet For My Valentine) at Innersound Studios, York and will be released on Friday 16th June through their own imprint Northern Ruff Records.

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