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 Lay It On The Line
Lay It On The Line

South London’s Melodic Hardcore exports Lay It On The Line have been quietly going about their business for a while now. A series of EPs for labels including Lockjaw Records and Aaahh!! Real Records, a demo with tracks played on Radio 1 before the band had even played a show and tours in the UK and Europe have seen the band go from a side project to something more serious.

With a new line-up including Alice Hour (In Evil Hour) and Mike Scott (Phinius Gage, River Jumpers) on male/female vocal dutes - and Duncan Ash (Hang The Bastard), the band have finally offered up their debut album. ‘The Black Museum’ is 10 songs of intense, Melodic Hardcore and a sizeable nod to the various band members’ fast, Skate Punk roots and sees soaring melodies and double speed drums mixed with thrash and hardcore and post-hardcore influences. The album tackles issues including members’ drug/alcohol issues, war and animal rights.

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