Die!Die!Die! starten Charm.Offensive!


Die!Die!Die! veröffentlichen am 06.10. ihr neues Album Charm.Offensive. Als Label zeichnet sich wieder Sounds of Subterrania verantwortlich. Bereits heute streamen sie die erste Single.

Stream: Die! Die! Die! - "How Soon Is Too Soon? (It's Not Vintage It's Used)"

"How Soon Is Too Soon? (It's Not Vintage It's Used)"
"How Soon Is Too Soon? (It's Not Vintage It's Used)"

'We recorded the music of this song at Lightship95; a studio where Rory (our bass player who also produced Charm. Offensive) works at on the river Thames in London. It was last September before our last Chinese tour. It's owned by my cousin’s best friend Ben who is a nice man. When we were on tour in New Zealand at the start of the year we set up in Whanganui at SpaceMonster, a DIY space we have played many times over the years. Our friend Jack runs the place and he kindly offered it to us so I could finish the vocals for this song, as Rory was flying back to London the next day. Both cities London and Whanganui have played an integral part in the Die! Die! Die! story; having lived in London years ago and the experiences we had there, and also Whanganui was one of our first cities we ever played. Mikey’s old flatmate Al used to run Eye Of Night on the main street of Whanganui, and those were some of the most special shows Die! Die! Die! have ever done, there is an amazing community of people we have met through those shows. This song is about how soon is it appropriate to let go of someone or something you love and the reflections and tricks your mind plays on you when you try to rethink what you could have done differently. I really hope you like it."

Sounds of Subterrania/finetunes/Cargo
VÖ: 06.10.2017

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