DREAM NAILS - speaks about what they like in Germany


Dream Nails are feminist punk witches from London who sing about hexing Donald Trump’s dick and Mercury Retrograde. They recently toured across Europe with Cherry Glazerr and are touring with Petrol Girls later this summer.
Their favourite place to tour is Germany, which is why they’re coming back this Autumn...

Can you tell us 4 things you loved in Germany?

Janey: Fritz-kola

This is my favourite drink ever. It’s really hard to find in London, and I love that they’re a politically engaged company too. I hope one day they’re more successful than Coca-cola and the world will be a better place.


Anya: Creativity

I’m crazy about the creativity you see everywhere in Germany, especially the cities. In Berlin we stayed with a guy who homemade a massive smoke machine out of old pieces of machinery and also jellyfish puppets out of lampshades and
waste plastic. It was so cool my jaw was dropping as smoke filled his bedroom, but he was so casual about it.


Janey: Vegan junk food

I also love all the vegan junk food in Germany. I’m really only touring for the food - the music is a bonus.

Janey: Savannah
I also really love an amazing woman called Savannah who saved our asses from a creepy couchsurfer guy in Cologne. We planned to stay with this dude online and he turned up at the show and was so creepy and rude, so when we met
Savannah at the merch table and she offered a place to stay, we basically ran to her house hahaha.

What’s planned next?
We’re soon recording our second EP. Lots of our fans have been asking us to record the songs, and we haven’t been able to afford to, so now we’re pleased to finally be doing it. We’ll be releasing it in September and touring in Germany too - playing Munich, Frankfurt and Nuremberg on the 15,16,17 of September!