Siberian Meat Grinder - Metal Bear Stomp

Siberian Meat Grinder
Siberian Meat Grinder

Crossover-hardcore/metal/rap phenomenon, Siberian Meat Grinder from Moscow, Russia have announced the release of it's long-awaited second album, 'Metal Bear Stomp' - To be released through the Berlin-based label, Destiny Records on the 13th October 2017.

Bringing their cross-genre game to the next level, Siberian Meat Grinder have delivered an explosive sonic mix over the 12 tracks of 'Metal Bear Stomp' that will have you headbanging, slam dancing, finger pointing and throwing down throughout.

Speaking on 'Metal Bear Stomp', vocalist Vladimir said "It's our step towards creating an ultimate street-music, mixing everything we love – thrash-metal, hip-hop, hardcore punk, graffiti...


"'Metal Bear Stomp' is heavier, more aggressive and even more technical. We explored areas and genres that nobody else has - mixing and melting them together in a fashion that is completely unique. We're proud to present our improved style in the name of the mighty Bear-Tsar - Stomping all over the planet."

Together with the one of the largest Russian crowd-funding platforms PLANETA.RU, Siberian Meat Grinder have launched a massive charity action, attached to the release of 'Metal Bear Stomp'. Alongside all profits going to "A Gift To The Angel" foundation, which helps children with cerebral palsy, fans are able to pick up limited edition lines of merchandise, signed CDs and LPs by the band and many more exclusives.


“We play street-music and the distinctive part of the true street culture is a readiness to help those in need” - says SMG, who have a long history of doing benefit actions and raising money in support of children's hospitals and shelters for homeless children.

Get involved with this great cause here:

Metal Bear Stomp
Metal Bear Stomp


Siberian Meat Grinder are a metal/hardcore band from snowy Russia, who deliver a unique style of fast and heavy music, blending high-speed crossover thrash with hip-hop, black metal, NYHC, stoner-rock and punk. 

The band, who formed in 2011, are guided by a Bear-Tsar - A mysterious and powerful entity, ruling the frozen depths of Siberian Hell with an iron paw and bringing suffering upon enemies of metal.


Siberian Meat Grinder have an illustrious touring history throughout mainland Europe and Russia. Having played over 150 shows, more than 20 major festivals and toured with the likes of Agnostic Front, Terror, Sick Of It All, Deez Nuts, Nasty, No Turning Back and Napalm Death, their live show is truly something to behold.

The new album, 'Metal Bear Stomp', sees the warriors of the Bear-Tsar throw in yet more aggressive, brutal and technical skill. Their high-speed thrash metal and NYHC-style breakdowns, mixed with epic sing-alongs, machine gun rap flows and gloomy black metal bridges give SMG a truly individual and identifiable sound. Cooking all these ingredients together, according to their own unique recipe, sees them ice the cake with the lyrics about writing graffiti on trains, relentless touring and destroying the enemies of metal.

The artwork for 'Metal Bear Stomp' was designed by legendary New York-based artist Sean Taggart. Sean is known for his work for such acts as Agnostic Front, Crumbsuckers, Napalm Death, Twitching Tongues and many more.

To date, Siberian Meat Grinder have released 2 mini-albums "Hail To The Tsar" and "Vs The World" on their own label. In 2015 both mini-albums were re-released by Destiny Records - The first press sold out in just a few months, leading to a re-press in 2016. In 2016 Destiny Records also released the band's EP "Face The Clan", featuring 2 tracks from 'Metal Bear Stomp'. Both the LP and EP held top positions in the sales charts of European merch store Coretex Records, competing for the top spot, at the time, with Agnostic Front and Rancid.

SMG is known amongst its fans for its numerous music videos and tour reports through their official YouTube channel - clocking up more than 1.5 million views. Their song "Hail to the Tsar" is the official title song in the intro for a famous entertainment TV show in Russia on the "Pyatnica" channel.