PISS TEST Tour 2017


PISS TEST kommt mit ihrem neuen Album zum zweiten Mal nach Europa.

PISS TEST formed in Portland, Oregon a few years ago when drummer Rodrigo Diaz was mandated to urinate in a plastic jar in order to secure steady work. He brought up his forming a punk band idea to former Red Don, Zach Brooks. They decided to forgo looking for a bass player, and teach Zach’s better-half Samantha Gladu to play. Rodrigo and Zach figured the last thing the world needs is another punk band with three aging dudes. After all, the couple-plus-a-drummer lineup worked for Dead Moon. And like Toody before her, Samantha quickly became the driving force of the band, making it her mission to encourage women to start bands and telling the creeps to fuck off. But what’s with the Dead Moon references? PISS TEST don’t sound like Dead Moon! None of them even own a leather vest. You, discerning German music fan, would like specific references? Think about the angrier side of early Texas or SoCal punk, with a dose of the Great Pacific Northwest (where bands can’t help but sound a little bit like The Wipers). PISS TEST have also had several comparisons to Proletariat, which they weren’t really going for, but don’t complain about.


13.09. DE-Mannheim, JUZ
14.09. DE-Dortmund, FZW - Bierschinken eats FZW 14
15.09.DE-Berlin, K19
16.09. DE-München, Kafe Kult - Hieb- und Stichfest 2017
17.09. HR-Zagreb, Mocvara
18.09. HU-Budapest, DRR PNC
19.09. AT-Wien, Arena 
20.09. CZ-Olomouc, SF Mini
21.09. CZ-Brno, Kabinet Muz
22.09. CZ-Prague, Meet Fatcory - Enemy Of The Sun Fest 2017
23.09. DE-Leipzig, Zoro - Zorofest 23
24.09. DE-Hamburg, Hafenklang
25.09. BE-Kortrijk, The Pit's
26.09. FR-Paris, TBA
27.09. FR-Toulouse, Le Ravelin
28.09. ES-Bilbao, La Nube Cafe
29.09. ES-Oviedo, Gong Galaxy Club
30.09. ES-Madrid, Wurlitzer Ballroom 
01.10. ES TBA
02.10. ES TBA
03.10. FR-Lyon - Le Trokson
04.10. CH-Geneva, L'Ecurie
05.10. DE-Karlsruhe, Alte Hackerei
06.10. DE-Nürtingen, Silberburg
07.10. DE-Frankfurt, Dreikönigskeller