Kaywinnet - 294km


Kaywinnet is a new band (emo / 90s / screamo) from Berlin & Hamburg. They play(ed) at tall as trees, torpedo holiday, moro.

They will release our first ep / 7" at the 28th october (with the start of our tour), and they uploaded both songs on bandcamp. It will be released by ZilpZalp Records (Leipzig).

"Kaywinnet is about music, but it is also about thinking, do-it-yourself and awareness. This band is build on friendship and trust. Together we deal with topics we care about, like feminism, mental health awareness, left-wing politics, social justice, veganism and sci-fi/fantasy-references.
This is our first release, it's called 294km, which is the distance between our homes. The two songs, Locutus and Praefix A were both recorded by Andi Sommer at Bei Ruth in Berlin. The mastering was done by Joe Caithness of Subsequent Mastering."