Plasterer Records (London DIY Punk Label)

Credit: Mark Richards
Credit: Mark Richards

"We specialize in tunes. We don't give a shit about the flavour of the month. We don't chase. We operate outside conventional circles. We support songwriting talent. We hate the middle of the road. We love beautiful, we love extremes. We are political. We believe in social justice and equality. We are socialists, but we don't preach. We walk the walk instead. Love thy neighbour, treat others how you'd like to be treated. We are DIY, we love our scene, DIY punk rock." - Alex Johnson.

November will see the label release a UK pressing of The Dopamines album, 'Tales Of Interest' on "Rubbish Blue" and "Horrible Green" 12 inch vinyl and the the 12-track release, 'Roach', from Manchester pop-punks, Aerial Salad on CD - Both records are available through the Plasterer Records store: http://bit.ly/PlastererRecordsShop

Speaking on the two releases, Johnson said "I played with The Dopamines last year, on tour in the US. They were messy and all over the place, but man, the sound they made left me floored. Out of the chaos, they produce a noise that is just different to everyone else. The Dopamines made me wanna pick up my guitar and write a punk record.
 WATCH: The Dopamines - "Kalte Ente, The King of Swilling Powers, Pt I,II,III" Live! from The Rock Room: https://youtu.be/8Z5JSv_Ntyo

"Aerial Salad are my little scamps from Manchester. Bless 'em. They're not even out of their teens yet but Jamie's songwriting is as honest and real as it gets. Pure, raw, angst. I'm serious, if Green Day had released this after Dookie it would be classed as their best release."
Aerial Salad - 'Dunhills': https://youtu.be/bqhLpIAmB8I

Plasterer Records will also be releasing a re-press of Wonk Unit's 2014 album, 'Nervous Racehorse' on Brown, Cream and Orange vinyl. Catch Wonk Unit on a month-long tour throughout the UK and Europe now. (Full Dates)

Wonk Unit - 'Kings Road Sporting Heroes': https://youtu.be/k9gWy1LClYI

Coming on Plasterer Records in 2018:
The Raging Nathans / Pizza Tramp Split 7inch
Wonk Unit New Album
The Raging Nathans New Album
+ Much More

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