SHORELINE mit Debüt-EP, neuem Video


Forming out of the flourishing DIY Punkrock scene in Münster, Germany, Shoreline have been touring all over mainland Europe and the UK since 2016.

With a fast paced to mid- tempo punk sound for fans of Gnarwolves, The Flatliners or The Menzingers, the band has since logged countless hours on highways between London and Prague, playing everywhere from clubs, to festivals and dive bars.
Shoreline´s debut EP „YOU USED TO BE A SAFE PLACE“ will be released via Uncle M Records (The Smith Street Band, Hot Water Music etc.) in early 2018 and was recorded in the Kaputtmacher Studios in Bochum, a place well known for it´s work with bands like Anti Flag, Blackout Problems, FJORT or Apologies, I Have None.
The record is telling a story about human loss - showing the very deep ends of human interaction and the impact it has on mental health and your every day life.
We´re thinking of the EP as a vehicle“ the band explains – „We are hoping for it to carry us to new cities and countries.“
Dadde Stark- Trummor, Sång