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Asta Kask
Asta Kask

Swedish punk legends Asta Kask are celebrating their 40 year anniversary with the release of a new EP: “Historien dömer oss alla(“History will judge us all), along with reissues of 3 classic records, on March 2nd. The records are released the same day they start their 15 gig long spring tour in Scandinavia.

The new record “Historien dömer oss alla” consist of 4 songs that brings up hate, fear and the normalization of surreptitious racism that is spreading around the globe. The material covers  the different strengths of the bands longevity: the speed of 2-beat drums, echos of raw 80’s chord progression and the never ending thirst for singalong-friendly melodies. Charged with razor sharp political lyrics. If you dare to look away from nostalgia - this is the most complete and best material the band has made so far!

“Historien dömer oss alla”
“Historien dömer oss alla”

The EP is recorded and produced by Håkan Sörle(The Baboon Show) in Studio Årstaberg at the end of 2017. Aside from the EP they are re-issuing the classics “Med is i magen”(1985), “Aldrig en LP”(1986) and “En för alla ingen för nån”(2006) on colored vinyl. The records are released on Gaphals and the bands own label “Kloakens Alternativa Antiproduktion”.

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