Skatepunkers Anti-Lam Front released their debut album


Sung in Norwegian dialect, the bands lyrics deal with everything from cheap click-bait headlines (Movember-regn/Movember Rain) to so-called Norwegian values (Kulturprolaps/cultural prolapse) - not to mention the sad, but entertaining being of the world’s most powerful man (Fineste Donald/Darling Donald). Although the sound undoubtedly originates from the nineties, the words reflect our slightly comical present.

The band members have vast experience from years of playing in hardcore, emo and indie rock acts such as RIFU, Desperado, Rest of My Life and Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson. However, three years ago they all agreed it was time to go back to their musical roots - fast, melodic punk rock. Since then Anti-Lam Front has released five songs digitally and played a number of shows in Norway, including gigs supporting old heroes Charta 77, Dia Psalma, Cockroach Clan - and recently - Adhesive.

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