Panhandler - Church


Panhandler are back. Behind the silence and sporadic instagram posts something's been brewing. A ten-track monster, picking the last meat off the bones of The Weakerthans' corpse, heartbroken about the way things are going in general, and deathly afraid of leaving it’s apartment.


Since you saw them last, they've gained a new recruit. They've practiced and planned, and spent all their money on a professional recording. They've gotten a little sadder, a little angrier, and a little more into country music (but you probably can't really tell).
The first single off the new record 'Wherever That Is' is called 'Church'. It's an anxious tribute to being in a relationship that you might not be good enough for, but still doing your best to make work. It's loud and sticky right off the bat, only letting up to give way to Simon's heartfelt writing.'After I check the door three times, I'm still not sure I locked it' he screams, before charging into a desperate chorus made even more heart-wrenching with Frida's vocal harmonies.
It's a dynamically complex give-and-take that leaves you wondering if you'll ever figure this whole relationship thing out.
The artwork for the single is a reworking of the cover for the album: an aptly anxiety-infused acrylic painting by Swedish artist Lovisa Skoog. 'Church' is out now on all digital retailers and streaming platforms worth their salt. 'Wherever That Is’ will be out this Fall on Whisk & Key Records and Trash Crusader Records.”

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