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Manchester based electro punks, Syd.31 today announces new track Bulldoze Everything, from their forthcoming album ‘Walk Amongst Rebels’ expected to be released later in the year.

If you havent heard of Syd.31 yet - prepare for Sleaford Mods jamming with Marilyn Manson or Die Antwoord with Slayer. Its a sound few people have been able to combine and Syd.31 seems to be doing something very right.

walk amongst rebels
walk amongst rebels

Combining raw punk vocals with boot stomping industrial noise and filthy electro beats, with the odd tribal rhythm this is a tune with serious fucking attitude. As the country seems to be increasingly heading towards a dystopian reality, this track doesn’t just tug on the heart strings of our rawest fears; it feels like it physically pulls out the aorta from our beating chests.
The accompanying video, produced and directed by front man Dr Magic escalates itself to another level from previous offerings with their biggest production to date, demonstrating an even heavier sound from the new album. Its intense, it’s pulsating, it’s powerful, it’s blood-strewn.  It’s like your worst nightmare, but at the best party you could hope to be invited to. It’s a powerful rally cry for those that are angry and god knows we have enough to be angry about.
As the lyrics remind us “They live  in their ivory towers. They’re laughing at their powers”. In the words of Aural Aggression …” [this] brutal clashing noise is exactly the music that these fucked up times demand.”
Formed in 2012 as a solo project by Dr Magic who wanted to merge his love of hardcore punk, industrial metal and sickly sweet pop to create powerful anthems that connect with freaks, weirdos and outsiders. Syd.31 has already received acclaimed reviews  for their previous 2 EP’s as well as their debut album ‘Last Punks on Earth’ released March 2017.  This time Syd.31 is aiming for the jugular and wont take any prisoners:
“I just wanted to create the most brutal riff possible. The sort of riff you can only write when you are utterly fucked off. There is a huge satisfaction knowing you nailed it”.

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