Band picture by Shaun I. Ramkumar
Band picture by Shaun I. Ramkumar

Though often found in the back corner of an Atlanta bar, the timid yet charming indie punk unit The Carolyn is set to release their debut LP, “This Will Begin to Make Things Right” via Atlanta indie label 59 X Records this summer.

Founded by singer/songwriter, Andrew Patrick in the summer of 2016 initially as a solo project, The Carolyn has transformed into the indie punk frontrunners that you’ve likely yet to hear about.
Now with bassist / vocalist Oliver Conlon and drummer David Mulazzi, the band is set to make up for their lack of words with a debut LP full of the passion and angst facing 20-somethings in small-town suburban America.
While waiting for their debut LP to be out, the guys have recently unveiled a new single, titled “A.M.”.

“A.M. is the first single off our upcoming album this year on 59 X Records. I wrote the song during a transition phase in my life and it was right around the time “Twin Peaks: The Return” had premiered. The song makes a few references to the show, but it’s mostly about the malaise I found myself in that summer working long hours and going through the motions”, reveals vocalist Andrew Patrick.