ANTILLECTUAL - If You`re Not Outraged


The new Antillectual single is their ode to anti-fascism, heavily inspired by recent events, far away and close to home. “If you’re not outraged you’re not paying attention” was Heather Heyer's last digital message to the world before getting killed by a car during an anti-fascist protest in Charlottesville.

After these pro- and anti-fascist rallies president Trump stated that both sides were to blame for the unrest. When the band was writing If You’re Not Outraged a Nijmegen based anti-fascist activist was arrested and accused of inciting homicide or murder after yelling tasteless yet rather innocent slogans during an anti-fascist protest, held after the Dutch Forum voor Democratie won the provincial elections.

Antillectual bass player Toon adds:

Extreme right wing ideologies are growing. Alt-right, identitarian movements and populism are proof that the far right wing is on the rise again. Just to be clear: we think that's a bad thing. As a result the anti-fascism is gaining momentum too. Just to be clear: we think that's a good thing. Anti-fascism is not a crime!


13.07. DE - Hormersdorf - KNRD Fest

20.07. NL - Zaanstad, Haltpop

21.07. NL - Koog - Haltpop Festival

26.07. DE - Hamburg, Markthalle w/ Propagandhi

02.08. BE - Duffel, Brakrock

10.08. DE - Lingen, Abifestival

10.08. NL - Amsterdam, Melkweg w/ Descendents

24.08. DE - Bergen, Ein Festival Der Vielfalt

13.09. DE - Köln, Sonic Ballroom

14.09. BE - Namur, Fetes de Wallonie

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21.09. DE - Berlin - Heart Attack Festival

23.11. DE  -Alfeld - Alfeld Rockt

07.12. DE - Jena - Rosenkeller

28.12. NL - Nijmegen - Friends First Fest