BRUTALLIGATORS - Friends I Wish I'd Had


Friends I Wish I'd Had is out now digital and limited cassette tape, via Real Ghost Records.
'Friends I Wish I'd Had',  sees the band amped up, angry, and delivering five tracks of blistering punk goodness.

Here's how the band describe the single 'Kill Your Heroes':
"KYH was written back in 2017, after the news of abuse claims against members of well established bands. They featured respected, outspoken idols in marginalised communities abusing their power and position to be horrible people. It was so sad and angering, and since then it's been one after the other. Powerful people (mostly men) taking advantage of their privilege, power and position for their own sexual gain. We're fucking sick of it."

Brutalligators are a four-piece pile of limbs from South East UK, playing energetic and happy sounding songs about heartbreak, life going wrong and all of the injustices in the world today.