OMNI - Sincerly Yours

Credit: Emily Frobos
Credit: Emily Frobos

Am 1. November werden OMNI ihr Sub Pop Debüt „Networker“ veröffentlichen. Die erste Single, „Sincerely Yours“, liefert einen tighten Groove, begleitet von pfiffigen Spitzen. Elemente, die zu einem festen Bestandteil von OMNIs sofort wiedererkennbarem Sound geworden sind.

Allerdings gibt es eine neue klangliche Brillanz auf diesem Album. Wenn die bereits im Frühling erschienene Non-Album-Single „Delicacy“ ein Vorgeschmack auf das war, was bald kommen sollte, so hebt „Sincerely Yours“ nun den Vorhang und enthüllt ihren üppigen, neuen Sound.

Die 11 Tracks auf „Networker“ wurden zwischen Tour und einer Handvoll Studio-Sessions geschrieben, so dass die OMNIs Frankie Broyles und Philip Frobos ihre Songwriting-Grenzen erweitern konnten, während sie gleichzeitig die Bühne im Auge behielten und Songs entwarfen, um ihre energetischen Performances zu verbessern. Der langjährige Kollaborateur Nathaniel Higgins kehrte zurück, um ihr bisher bestes Album aufzunehmen. Gemeinsam nahmen sie die elf Songs zwischen November 2018 und April 2019 in Vienna in Georgia auf.


Frobos arbeitete an der Inspiration hinter „Sincerely Yours“ und sagt dazu, dass „the last couple of years marked a lot of friends making the 9 to 5 career change. While I'm aware that there are many advantages to that lifestyle, the song is written from an outsider's perspective while remaining close to their struggles.” Das neue Video zu „Sincerely Yours“ könnt ihr euch hier ansehen.
Die Band hat für diesen Herbst eine 26-Tage-Welttournee angekündigt, um ihr Sub Pop-Debüt „Networker“ zu unterstützen. Ab dem 10. November werden sie dann nach Kortrijk, Belgien, mit Auftritten in Hamburg, Kopenhagen, Berlin, Paris, Lille, Brighton, Glasgow und London reisen. Hier die vollständige Liste der Shows:

10.11.19 B-Kortrijk, Sonic City Festival
11.11.19 Hamburg, Molotov
12.11.19 DK-Kopenhagen, Loppen
13.11.19 Berlin, Berghain Kantine
14.11.19 NL-Utrecht, Ekko
15.11.19 F-Le Havre, Mc Daids
18.11.19 F-Paris, La Boule Noire
19.11.19 F-Lille, La Bulle
20.11.19 B-Brüssel, Le Botanique
21.11.19 F-Colmar, Le Grillen
22.11.19 CH-St. Gallen, Palace St. Gallen
23.11.19 F-Lyon, Sonic

About OMNI:

Enter „Networker“, the new album by OMNI and first with indie giant Sub Pop Records. Their sound is still defined by sparse drums, locked-in bass, blistering guitar, and nonchalant, yet assured vocals, but from the first notes of „Sincerely Yours“ you'll immediately notice that „Networker“ sounds much cleaner and more „HI-FI" than their prior two albums, „Deluxe" (2016) and „Multi-task" (2017). The departure in fidelity suits the new record and allows the listener to enjoy the nuances of their meticulous arrangements. Don't worry, the riffs of Gang of Four and Wire are still present, but the production is more lush and the harmony is even more expansive. Despite nods to the sounds of the ’70s and ’80s what comes through is a record fully rooted in the here and now. Thematically, this is apparent on the title track „Networker“ taking a candid snapshot of the „digital you” aspect of life in the age of the internet. The otherwise fun romp „Skeleton Key” also acknowledges the „direct message and obsessive” side of social media with lines like „if you don't like what you see, the pretty face on the screen, scroll on by...” 
„Networker“ was written half between tours and half during recording sessions. The band, Philip Frobos on bass/vocals and Frankie Broyles on guitars/drums/keys, returned with longtime collaborator Nathaniel Higgins to the studio in South Georgia where they also recorded „Multi-task" and most recent single „Delicacy." In this case, the „studio” is a cabin near Vienna, GA (pronounced Vye-anna) that was built by Frankie Broyles’ great-grandparents in the 1940s. The band completed four sessions between November 2018 and April 2019. OMNI hit their stride in the cabin with songs such as „Moat,” which cruises along at a nice mid-tempo clip with sounds that are maybe piano or maybe the „behind the bridge” strings of a Jaguar a la Sonic Youth or This Heat. „Blunt Force" provides a nice contrast to some of the more upbeat cuts, getting jazzy with it’s less traditional arrangement and psychedelic outro.
On „Courtesy Call," OMNI successfully ride the line of being able to pleasantly reference influences without mimicking. They venture into experimental Haruomi Hosono territory while still managing to sound like Thin Lizzy. The same could be applied to „Sincerely Yours“ where the fantastic guitar work and a beautiful breakdown in the middle dive into late 70’s jazz production. On standout cut „Present Tense," Yellow Magic Orchestra vibes are present in the fun synthesizer riff while the guitar counterpoint checks this direction pulling the song back into something fresh, sharp, and definitely OMNI.  
Overall, „Networker“ is simultaneously fun, catchy, and contains some truly impressive musicianship. This combo is especially hard to pull off as bands that are great players often don’t have great or memorable songs. OMNI and Nathaniel Higgins have done a stellar job of reigning in their diverse influences into a cohesive record by curating their sounds into a tight package that leaves you just on the cusp of understanding where the band is coming from, while still feeling like you’re hearing something totally fresh. While their earlier records had more of a „post-punk” sound, „Networker“ is an amalgamation of the best sounds of the ’70s and ’80s, all arranged with (mostly) guitars, bass, and drums for our contemporary age, and it really works! There are hooks everywhere, vocal and instrumental, that will leave you humming along, even during the first listen. As Philip Frobos says in „Present Tense,” „guess who’s on my mind right now?” Well, OMNI’s on mine and will be on yours soon.
Scott Munro, Preoccupations 2019