Golden Core – Hrafnaspá

Golden Core – Hrafnaspá
Golden Core – Hrafnaspá

Icelandic/Norwegian blackened doom duo Golden Core have just shared a brand new song from their forthcoming second full-length album “Fimbultýr”, due out on November 1st via Fysisk Format.


Hailing from the Oslo-suburb of Ammerud, the band consists of Simen Jakobsen Harstad (15) on guitars and amplifiers and Johannes Thor Sandal (17) on vocals and drums and together they have been perfecting their musical skills in their basement since 2014.

Produced by Blood Command's Yngve Andersen and mixed by Converge's Kurt Ballou, the follow-up to 2017’s debut album “Norwegian Stoner Machine” is a monument of the young band's dazzling ambition and artistic vision. Not afraid to merge their ancestral heritage of Norse mythology with US-stoner rock and Norwegian black metal, Golden Core has chiseled out an album of undeniable quality and originality. “Fimbultýr” is a concept album, spinning around the Norse god Óðinn, the mythology, rune magic, knowledge, curse, death and war.
The lyrics are mostly inspired by the Poetic Edda and Old Norse Skaldic poetry.

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