"Homo Riot Hardcore Punks" The Gay Agenda Releasing New Album 'Penetrating'

The Gay Agenda
The Gay Agenda

Self-described "homo riot hardcore punk outfit from San Diego", The Gay Agenda is releasing a new record titled 'Penetrating' on June 5 via La Escalera Records.

Recorded entirely live in one take, the album was mixed and mastered by Ed Talorda and blends punk and metal into punishing queercore chaos.
Influences on their sound range from Limpwrist and The HIRS Collective to Napalm Death, Tragedy and Disrupt.

Beginning in early 2017 as vocalist David Hurtt, guitarist Matt Penning, and Luis Imperator on drums, and joined shortly after by bassist Garrett Ficacci, The Gay Agenda set out to make a spectacularly controversial statement that was undeniably queer.

The Gay Agenda Releasing New Album 'Penetrating'
The Gay Agenda Releasing New Album 'Penetrating'

Following the independent release of their self-titled EP in 2018, the band embarked on a slew of successful shows over the next two years that built a reputation of chaos, debauchery, and fearlessness, while providing a strong voice for the queer punk community.

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