Van Dammes release a new music video - European tour cancelled

Van Dammes release a new music video
Van Dammes release a new music video

Van Dammes, the garage punk miracle from Helsinki, just released a new music video for their guaranteed summer hit Tax Free World. The song, blessed with a killer chorus, is from their fourth record Risky Business.

In the video, the band keeps rocking in the (tax) free world when it was still possible. The video features footage filmed in band's record label's annual summer camp in the Canary Islands.

Also Van Dammes have ended up as a victim of the coronavirus outbreak and needed to cancel their European tour, including a performance at the opening of the European football championship in Copenhagen. New dates are fortunately already planned for 2021.

The song and the whole record is released by German Rockstar Records. According to the band's statement, ''Tax Free World is the best music that the Nordic countries can produce at the moment''.