LIVINGSTON - Through the Peephole

Press photo by Scheier .hr
Press photo by Scheier .hr

The UK rockers are back with a new song, “Through the Peephole”

Formed in the multi-cultural hub of London, LIVINGSTON are Beukes Willemse and guitarist / keyboardist Chris van Niekerk from South Africa, drummer Jan Siekmann from Germany and bassist Phil Magee from the UK.

While waiting for their new record “This is a Robbery” to be out, LIVINGSTON are revealing a new song, titled “Through the Peephole”. On this new song, Chris (guitar / keyboards) comments:
Through the Peephole, like its sibling, our previous single “Show Me the Money”, is also a bit of a mutant that has come a long way before reaching maturity. It also started its life as a vocal idea that our singer Beukes had written on a kind of a Hip Hop beat. It was around about the same time as a few members in the band were really experimenting with other styles of music in our own time.
And when I mean “other” styles, I mean different from what we as a band considered to be the Livingston style. Beukes would once in a while send me one of his ideas so I can mess around with it and see what comes out, and with this particular idea, same as “Show Me the Money”, it immediately jumped out at me...

LIVINGSTON - Through the Peephole
LIVINGSTON - Through the Peephole

"But as time went on neither me nor Beukes fully realised the song or brought it to its full potential. I had made one or two versions that I liked, but it wasn’t until one summer when my girlfriend, a couple of close friends and myself were driving to Eilat in southern Israel and we listened to one of those versions in the car, that I fully envisioned what I want to do with the music. The vocal line to me is very playful and kind of loopy-sounding, you know, loopy like circus or carnival music so I really wanted to create a sound scape that compliments this feeling.

I kept the idea in the back of my mind for quite a while after and finally when we had finished all the other tracks on the album, late at night on a whim, I put together all the music and surprised the guys with it a few days later when it was done. It is the last track that snuck in on the album and I think it’s a really unique gem. Now if you’re wondering what “Through the Peephole” is about, then the best way to find out is to take a drive / walk / whatever… and listen to it loud.”

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