Primetime Failure - They Know How To Dance

Primetime Failure
Primetime Failure

The Hoff's favorite band is back with a new song and a video. Here's the whole story as told in the words of Primetime Failure:

"A couple of weeks ago, Stefan Jonas approached us and asked us to be part of a Booze Cruise movie and so we had no choice but to figure out a way to get involved without being in one room (we're old and saturated, reeeaaally wealthy assholes that can't stand each other, this isn't about Covid here ;)) ... what we came up with is what you can see here, a selfmade demo recording of a new song tentatively titled "They Know How To Dance" ... did we correct slight mistakes by recording second takes? Hell no! Did we have fun doing it? Hell yes and we hope this puts a little smile on your quarantine faces, too until we can finally all hang out and party together again! We really hope Tobi makes a full recovery one day from breaking every bone in his body while doing the kickflip on his balcony and wrecking his nerves experiences the fact, sd cards can actually break, too ... always make a backup kids!"

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