Hysterese - Burning

"Schon während der Aufnahme-Session haben wir gemerkt, dass Burning ein besonders starker Song ist. Er ist vielleicht nicht besonders schnell oder laut, aber er hat eine atmosphärische Kraft, die das Thema 'vegebliche Hilfe/Ausbrennen' sehr stimmig darstellt. Das Feuerthema wird simpel aber sehr kräftig vom opulenten Licht des Videos getragen. Wir wollten ein einfaches, klassisches, stimmungsvolles Performance-Video machen und ich denke, das ist uns gelungen."

"Three years have passed since the last Hysterese record, and these last years brought change to the band. All grew older, some got babies and some went their different paths. So 2021 is a bit of a new era for Hysterese, personally and music-wise - with a new bass player, a new method of songwriting and more diverse influences which are reflected in slightly new song vibes. The last self-titled album already showed a glimpse of what might possibly happen while composing new material. Moritz and Helen split the composing and added a more morbid style - it got darker, and shows a bit more of a mature or adult approach to write intelligent, powerful songs.

Hysterese’s trademark, the twin lead vocals of Helen and Moritz loses its weight as Helen takes more and more the role of the lead singer. They have less stakkato riffing and more open, atmospheric guitar work filled with superb guitar-melodies. Kai’s precise, machine-like drumming, and Jana’s flawless basswork do the final tricks - one can explore more than a „one, two, three, four" - punk rock album.

Overall the seed they planted on their third record became a strong unique plant with ripe fruits which taste like darkness, melancholy, strength, anger, rage and fury. They created some sparkling düster-müster-popunk-diamonds, which are not afraid to take some detours through genres like alternative-rock or post punk.

If you dig the darkness of The Wipers, the explosiveness of old Descendents records and the hits and melodies of your fav Blondie or Billy Idol songs, I'm sure you will dig this piece of rock music."

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