The Ziggens - Rev it up

Influential "CowPunkSurfabilly" Band's First Record in 19 Years To Be Released This Summer
Long-running and influential Southern California "cowpunksurfabilly" purveyors The Ziggens are celebrating 30 years as a band this summer by releasing the 19 track album 'Oregon', their first in 19 years.

The Ziggens - Rev it up
The Ziggens - Rev it up

While always skirting around the edges of the underground, the band's mighty legion of fans has included such luminaries as Bradley Nowell (who signed them to the Skunk Records label, covered their track "Big Salty Tears", and for years enlisted them to tour as Sublime's opening act), the late Josh Fischel of Bargain Music, and a young Travis Barker who was often seen up front at the band's early shows.

The album
The album

About The Ziggens:
"A rockin’ surf-punk band that also plays beautiful ballads”...

Has there ever been a band described like that?

It’s been an amazing 30 years for Bert, Brad, Dickie, and Jon. Making records, touring and influencing dozens of bands that now worship at the altar of The Ziggens has been their passion. Harmony singing, laughter, and pure high volume fun describe their one-of-a-kind live show.
Hailing from Surf City CA, it makes sense that their music gravitated toward reverb-drenched surf vibes, but the beautiful ballads and tight harmonies set them apart from the other fish in the sea of music.
Brad Nowell of Sublime called them his favorite band as the Ziggens were the opening act for Sublime for many years. The group did portions of 2 Warped Tours, put out 9 records, and toured with Dick Dale, The Ventures, No Doubt, Slightly Stoopid, NRBQ and The Beat Farmers, among countless others.
Now, after having fun doing side projects for a spell (but always still together as a band), comes a 19 song masterpiece of all-new songs called “Oregon.”
It’s in the classic Ziggens style- which is a style all their own. It’s time the Ziggens are discovered by those who previously missed out on their genius. This energetic and beautiful set of songs is sure to please music lovers of all ages. So paddle out with the Ziggens and their new release called “OREGON”. You are guaranteed to ride this perfect Ziggen wave all the way to shore with the biggest smile on your face!

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