SIBERIAN MEAT GRINDER - Release „Join The Bear Cult“ verschoben


SIBERIAN MEAT GRINDER, das Metal- / Hardcore-Powerpaket aus der dunklen, schneebedeckten Taiga Russlands, muss den Release ihrer dritten Platte „Join The Bear Cult“ leider ein weiteres Mal verschieben.
Am 21.01. wird es aber definitiv das Licht der Welt erblicken!

Das Statement im Wortlaut:

Hey all!
The release of “Join The Bear Cult” is postponed again - mostly due to various difficulties that arose from the COVID-19 crisis that affected all the parties involved in writing, recording, producing and releasing the album. The new date is January 21, 2022.
We really appreciate your patience and support and wanna say big thank you to everybody who pre-ordered the album and to our label Destiny Records for working with us through the hard times. The good news is that this postponement gave us an opportunity to add more songs to the album.
Working on this album wasn’t easy for us due to various reasons, including all the crazy stuff going on in the world and music scene in the past 2 years. But we are 100% sure that it’s gonna be our most powerful release up to date and listening to it already gives us a lot of energy in these uneasy times. Looking forward to finally sharing it with you and playing these songs at steamy packed clubs and festivals.
Meanwhile we are proud to present the teaser of a music video for the opening track “Into The Grinder”. The whole music video is coming soon!
Also we are happy to share the tracklist of “Join The Bear Cult” with you:


Side A

1. Into The Grinder
2. Not Today
3. Arise
4. Fire It Up
5. One United Family
6. For The Cult

Side B
7. Bear Cult Is Real
8. Hammer Of The Ghetto Tsar
9. Mother Bear
10. Immolate Them All
11. One More Step (Russian Version)
12. Flame In The Heart (Acoustic)