The Corps - Hazardous

Vancouver’s The Corps have released a new single and video for the song "Hazardous."
The band says, "This song is about a woman who has spent her entire life ignoring personal responsibilities and the capacity for empathy, which in turn forces her to create a fictional reality and narrative for the life around her. A self made victim, she is very dangerous."

The Corps are an intense force of circle pit melodic punk rock. With new tracks waiting to be unleashed, they are set to bring their brand of comic book-inspired songs to the masses. Fast guitars, blast beat drums, and heavy bass are matched with layers of vocal harmonies, ready for singing along while moshing in the crowd. Hints of Lagwagon, NOFX, and Propaganghi are present, but The Corps maintain their own style, telling tales of life, politics, and social issues through the guise of your favourite superheroes. But fear not, anyone who appreciates their music loud, fast, and fun will find a place with The Corps! We'll see you at the show.