Demon Night - a Halloween feast from Syd.31

Syd.31 release a new video, filmed in an actual haunted mansion and featuring the legendary Whitby Krampus - just in time for Halloween

The song is based on a true story:

“When I was a kid, we lived in a haunted house. Some ‘thing’ would walk down the hallway, into my room and just stand at the end of my bed. It looked like an old lady and it scared the hell out of me. Other people saw it too, but didn’t tell me until years after, thankfully. I still struggle to sleep alone with the light out…”
“Once my parents had turned my bedroom light out, I just knew the shadow people and that ‘thing’ would show up…”
Syd.31 included a lot of Shadow People in the video. You’ll have to see if you can spot them all. Shadows that are not our own…