ZEMENT performing 'ROHSTOFF' live

"After we had finished the work on our new album ROHSTOFF earlier this year, we came back to Hersbrooklyn Recordings in early summer, to record a Live Session in the studio. Same studio where we had recorded our last record. This was the also the kick-off session for more Hersbrooklyn Sessions about to come!

It was a good preparation for the upcoming summer shows and the first time playing live again after quite some time, in fact there are only two people in the audience listening: Florian Helleken, who owns the studio and recorded and mixed the whole session and Peter Thoms, who also plays in the German Punk Band "Akne Kid Joe", who filmed and cut the video. Chris Hielscher, who gave ROHSTOFF his final touch, was in board again again and mastered the the whole thing.In the end, you'll now get the two ROHSTOFF singles "Entzücken" and "Soil" in slightly different live versions and some nice high quality video footage of the session. Like with every Zement concert, live is live, everything what happens at the moment happens, so you'll probably will never here this versions again like they are on the video. So now, lean back and enjoy the ride!"