THIN ICE: Video "Never Be Real"

Photo by Jason Rowe of AWAY FROM LIFE Studios
Photo by Jason Rowe of AWAY FROM LIFE Studios

Thin Ice haben ein neues (und gleichzeitig ihr erstes) Musikvideo zu Never Be Real veröffentlicht. Der Song stammt vom Debüt Keep It Alive, das im Juni über Farewell Records erschienen ist.


THIN ICE from Schweinfurt has been active since 2019. In the same year the quintet released a demo tape with 4 songs and also played their first shows with bands like JUDGE, AGNOSTIC FRONT and BOLD.THIN ICE used the last year to record their first release with producer Jason Rowe (CROWNED KINGS, CAPITAL ENEMY). The result are 7 classic Hardcore tunes with an edge of Rock, Oi! and Stoner, that was  released in spring 2021 via Farewell Records (RISKIT!, TRAIL OF LIES, PAIN OF TRUTH).

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