Los Pepes - Sick And Bored

Heute erscheint die erste Single "Sick And Bored" des neuen LOS PEPES Albums "The Happiness Program", das am 21. Januar bei Wanda Records (& befreundeten Labels in Schweden, Spanien und Frankreich) erscheinen wird.

Los Pepes hit the nuclear Powerpop option with explosive fifth album!

While the world went into isolation the Los Pepes organisation expanded and struck out with a brand new wall of sound blistering with new instrumentation including horns, keys, harmonicas underpinned by the trademark thick layer of punk rock guitar. As the nine mug shots on the back of the LP demonstrate this LP is a gang approach instead of a band effort…
The Happiness Program is a record about self medication. A menu of what people tell you not to do but it makes you feel better so you do it anyway. The advice is to ignore the health warnings and turn everything up until it feels good. Taking heavy ques from 60s garage in the melody but still forward facing and played with hardcore intensity these songs are contorted punk rock celebrations of having nothing but still living in excess. A perfect antidote to the doldrums of the past two years.