Feral - new music video "The Great Reset".

(c) @Arbre E. Saldana
(c) @Arbre E. Saldana

New album 'Spiritual Void' to be released on January 21st and CD/LP/Tape & Digital through Source Atone Records & Basement Apes Industries.

About 6 years after the official release of their debut full-length effort 'Doomwalk’, French crust/hardcore/grind practioners FERAL unveiled a first glance from their sophomore album with the official music video of the song "The Great Reset" available right now on YouTube.

French hardcore/crust/grind practioners FERAL - including members of MORGUE, STUNTMAN or Superstatic Revolution) - are proud to join the ever-growing roster of Source Atone Records (JUNON, Korsakov, Membrane...) for the release of their second album entitled ‘Spiritual void’.
The album will contain 12 tracks and around half an hour of ferocious grooves, blasts, and screaming growls and will be also distributed on all digital platforms through Season Of Mist.