Mary Bell - neue Video-Single "Sacrificed"

Der Song "Sacrificed" ist Teil des aktuellen Albums "Bellatrix Boadicea", das im letzten Jahr bei Destructure Records erschien.

"Toxic masculinity, sexual harassment, slut shaming, rape culture. You know, these aren’t myths, it is real and it all ties down to violence. And now, here it is, an upside-down world where womxn show you what it’s like to live in their skin. Based on Mary Bell members’ life experiences, these scenes reverse the situation in order to highlight the oppression of the omnipresence of men in public spaces, and the violence they can inflict on womxn.
In France, 81% of women have been victims of sexual harassment in public places. Only 20% of them say they have been helped. 86% of people don't know how to react when they witness street harassment. (Source: IPSOS, international study on sexual harassment in public spaces, 2019) Hollaback! and Stop Harcèlement de Rue (in France) offer training and programs to deal with street harassment."

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