SunStare - Namlulu Di-Kud - Above the Gods

Enlil, supreme God among the gods, can no longer bear the incessant noise of humanity which prevents him from sleeping.
In his fury, he makes the decision to make it disappear.
The humankind, complacent and filthy, ignores with feigned blindness that its end has come and continues its macabre dance, spinning ever faster, in a joyful emptiness.

Two visions oppose each other:

"Among the Humankind" invites us to share the fate of humans, to contemplate helplessly and naively the beauty of the disaster to come: the punishment for our inconsistency.
"Above the Gods" subtracts us from our humanity, in a form of spiritual elevation or resilience. It gives us a clear view of the past, the present and the nightmarish future that is fast approaching.
These two visions, although different, are nevertheless only two sides of the same coin, the two paradoxical realities of the same breed.
Our demiurges are capable of the best as well as the worst and that no longer has any kind of importance.