Lilium Sova streamed new EP 'Tunnel du soir'

At the occasion of their 15 (+1) years of existence, LILIUM SOVA - Instrumental Experimental Post-Noise/Jazz/Avant-Garde/Post-Hardcore founded in Geneva (Switzerland) in 2006 - is releasing a new EP: 'Tunnel du soir'.

In this new release, available right now on digital exclusive thanks to Cold Smoke Records, what forges the band remains; audacious compositions and polished atmospheres.

In addition to the official release-news, 'Tunnel du soir' is available for full-streaming on Bandcamp.

Formerly a trio, now LILIUM SOVA is a four-member band ; Cyril Chal's powerful bass, Timothée Cervi's heavy drums, Loïc Blazek's sharp guitar and cello (member since 2012) and for the first time Sébastien Favez's shrouding synth (member since 2017).
For this festive release, talented musicians dear to LILIUM SOVA joined the effort. The band was honored to welcome for this recording: Michael Borcard with his Saxophone (Lilium Sova from 2006 to 2012, Penfield), Jamasp Jhabvala with his violon (Convulsif, Maspin, Paracelze) as well as Bruno Silvestre Favez at the machines (Earthflesh, Ex-Rorcal).