The Special Bombs - Punkrock Is Not Cool Anymore

Is punk rock still cool? What was celebrated as a lifestyle by millions of kids back then has now become a small scene for the 30+ generation. You could say that it's normal and that no generation has ever heard the songs of their parents. You could... You could also say that it is normal when people "grow up" their enthusiasm for music and subculture decreases.

You could...You could also refuse to accept "the normal"...THE SPECIALBOMBS face reality in their single "Punkrock Is Not Cool Anymore" (short "PINCA"), but they simply don't care if punkrock is still cool and hip. There are too many unforgettable moments attached to it for them to simply let go. Maybe it takes songs like this to show "the old ones" how punk rock would continue to fulfill their lives and to show "the young ones" how intense and passionate a lifestyle can be.That Stefan Beham-alias SBÄM-is the main actor in the music video for "PINCA" fits like a glove! He embodies this tireless commitment to the scene like no other. Whether as label boss, festival organizer or artwork artist. Everything Stefan touches is like a fresh cell cure for the aging punk rock scene. In the music video of THE SPECIAL BOMBS he simply plays himself - rolling through his hometown Linz on a skateboard, handing out flyers and CDs and trying to infect people with his passion for punk rock. With success! The song is more than a classic punk rock board with melody and sing-along potential. From the first moment the number is bursting with energy, which does not let up in the verses, the instrumental intermediate part and the rocking guitar solo. The professional and powerful production by Benedikt Hain underlines the power of the song and rounds off the overall package of "Punkrock Is Not Cool Anymore".