‘After Elmer’ release video for ‘Flip a Coin (Overthinking)’

Indecisiveness and intuition are the two main themes on ‘Flip a Coin (Overthinking)’, the new single from Rotterdam-based poppunks After Elmer that releases on June 15th! The single comes after a long time of silence from the band, and on the song the band asks themselves what paths to take in life - and if they haven’t found that path already on instinct. These questions are wrapped in a powerful track which is filled to the brim with smart hooks and parts to shout along on the top of your lungs.

The music video fits perfectly in the DIY-style of the band. This time they got to work with a greenscreen and some (animated) coins that keep spinning as if they were flipped. The final product is a colourful video, which takes the band from the stage and puts them into this pink, abstract space, as if they were locked in someone’s deepest thoughts.

The song was recorded in the Raiko Records studios with producer Stijn Donders, with the help of Tom Prendergast (Bury Tomorrow). The band recorded their studio process in the online video series ‘STUDIO DIARY AND MORE STUFF’, of which the first three episodes are online now on their Youtube-channel and Instagram.

Watch the video for ‘Flip a Coin (Overthinking)’