Kill Shelter & Beborn Beton “In This Place”

Kill Shelter & Beborn Beton
Kill Shelter & Beborn Beton

UK artist Kill Shelter has joined forces with German Synthpop outfit Beborn Beton to create a dark and brooding new single and video which highlights the tragedy of human trafficking and the misuse and abuse of power. In This Place ft Beborn Beton is taken from Kill Shelter’s new album “Asylum” which deals with global humanitarian issues such as domestic violence, exploitation and the plight of asylum seekers as well as exploring themes of personal disillusionment and mental health.

“Thousands of adults and children die or go missing every year whilst seeking refuge. The statistics are both heartbreaking and sobering. Extremely vulnerable people are constantly being abused at the hands of opportunistic criminals. In This Place tells just one of these many stories.”
- Pete Burns, Kill Shelter

“The dark and menacing nature of In This Place is definitely a departure from what people may have come to expect from me. I worked very closely with Kill Shelter on both the track and video - it’s a deeply emotive song and needed to be treated with respect and sensitivity to get the tone and delivery right. We wanted it to be both accessible and thought-provoking.”
- Stefan Netschio, Beborn Beton

The video for “In This Place” was shot on location in Bochum, Germany by Julia Beyer and in Edinburgh, Scotland with post-production by Pete Burns. “Asylum” includes the singles “In This Place” ft Stefan Netschio (Beborn Beton), “The Necklace” ft Agent Side Grinder as well as collaborations with Ronny Moorings (Clan of Xymox), William Faith (The Bellwether Syndicate / Faith and the Muse), Antipole, Valentina Veil (VV & the Void) and Ash Code. “Asylum” is available now on limited edition vinyl and CD and all digital and streaming platforms via Metropolis Records in North and South America, and Manic Depression Records in Europe and the rest of the world.


Kill Shelter is UK based alternative artist and producer Pete Burns. His unique work blends elements of Post-Punk and contemporary Electronica with heavily processed guitars. His critically acclaimed debut album “Damage” and the subsequent collaboration with Antipole “A Haunted Place”, sold out in a matter of weeks. His remix portfolio includes cult names such as Christian Death, The Wake and Aleister Crowley as well as She Past Away, Agent Side Grinder and many more. He is currently working at The Shelter on two full length albums and a series of new collaborations.


Founded in 1989, Beborn Beton is a German Synthpop band renowned for their songwriting craft and high-end productions. The band consists of Stefan Netschio (Vocals), Stefan "Till" Tillmann (Synths and Drums) and Michael B Wagner (Synths). They have released six highly-acclaimed albums to date on various independent labels, notching up millions of plays on streaming platforms in the process. Beborn Beton will release their long-awaited seventh studio album in early 2023.

Metropolis Records [ US Version ]
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"Asylum" celebrates over 40 years of alternative and underground music and includes inspiring collaborations with Ronny Moorings (Clan of Xymox), Agent Side Grinder, Ash Code, Stefan Netschio (Beborn Beton), William Faith (The Bellwether Syndicate / Faith and the Muse), Valentina Veil (VV & the Void) and Antipole.
All the tracks delve into different interpretations of the word asylum and highlight challenging themes such as human trafficking, domestic abuse, seeking refuge, disillusionment, bedlam and redemption.
NB The album is available in two versions, with a distinct track listing for each territory: via Metropolis Records in North and South America, and Manic Depression Records in Europe and the rest of the world.