No Fun At All: Neue Single "It's Not A Problem"

The legendary No Fun At All are back! Since they went out with the message that they are working on new material in 2021 the band has been touring with their greatest hits again to just in time release the first single of the new album that will be called "Seventh Wave".

"It's Not A Problem" is out July 22 and already fits right into the catalogue of the Swedisch skate punk legends.
"I live on an old farm that's been owned by my family since the 1850s. 20 years ago when my father died I decided to move in and to be the one responsible for keeping all the houses and buildings in good shape. To be honest most of the time I love it, but sometimes there is that ”The Shining” feeling, am I going crazy!!?? Also the contrast between spending time in the rural idyllic Swedish countryside and touring the world, being a cosmopolitan. The lyrics for this one just came to me on a really cold and snowy day last winter, hence ”wrong season”., says singer Ingmar about the song.
Founded in 1991, split up and re-united over the years, the 2022 album will be the first album since 2018. SBÄM Records based in Austria is releasing their new album exclusively since they have already re-released "EPs Going Steady" in 2021.