SUIR - What Is Real?

Band Photo: Jenni Smith
Band Photo: Jenni Smith

SUIR present a foretaste of the new album with the first single WHAT IS REAL?. The track toys with elements of dark post-punk and shoegaze without losing the strengths of the previous albums. The lyrics are more in the focus and present a deep personal glimpse into the thoughts of the duo. Denis Wanic's matured vocals reflect that the band has found its sound and voice - literally and proverbially.

WHAT IS REAL? addresses deception and disappointment of past relationships, self-doubt and questioning of one's own perception of reality. Driving, hypnotic drums create a somber, almost frightening mood. The repetitive guitar riff builds tension and culminates in whipping guitars that make you feel an attempt of self-liberation and one´s first step on the way in dealing with the past.

The single is also accompanied by a new video by artist and filmmaker PILAR GOST. Bleak, sometimes jarring imagery focuses on a woman, isolated and surrounded by an interplay of light and shadow, light and dark. This highlights the contrast of perception and two-sidedness of the emotions that the lyrics of the song are about.

„NOT ALL OF YOUR PAIN IS SELF CHOSEN: the Cologne based post-punk/shoegaze duo SUIR announces their long-awaited third album. The album will be released on October 14th 2022 via This Charming Man Records and follows the 2018 released LP SOMA. 


NOT ALL OF YOUR PAIN IS SELF CHOSEN takes a giant leap forward from SUIR ́s previous work and shows a matured and evolved sound.


Together with the producers Mathew Johnson and Jonny Zoum, a new emotional sound aesthetic was created. It is particularly characterized by spherical and at the same time urging, rousing gui- tars and energetic drums which enriches the cinematic post-punk the band is known for.


The special bond between the two band members, which also stands out as a striking characteristic in their live performances, is noticeable throughout the album. Almost all songs were created in a close, joint writing process and also the two band members are often the main character in each other ́s lyrics.The continuous interaction between the guitars captures this feeling steadily. The album was also shaped by the effects of the global Covid pandemic, which left little room for anything other than self-reflection. NOT ALL OF YOUR PAIN IS SELF CHOSEN shows a deep, personal insight into the life and mind of SUIR. Fear, worries, self-doubt, but also love and affec- tion are expressed in the ten tracks. Singer Denis Wanic describes the album as "This might be our darkest record so far. However it has nothing to do with celebrating sadness - we don't do that. This record is about healing, growing, and changing.”


Accompanying the release of the new album, SUIR will present the new songs on October 12th at their release show at Bumann & Sohn in Cologne and then start their tour. Previous concerts in the last few months: Support for The Jesus and Mary Chain, The KVB, The Underground Youth and others.